David W. Vickery - M.S.O.D.

Wellness Practitioner, Owner

David is a certified Pulse Electro-Magnetic therapist and Reiki energy healer. He is also a global business strategy consultant but has always studied and applied alternative healing modalities. His journey to wellness options began with lower back and cervical issues that prevented him from walking a few blocks without being in so much pain that he had to stop and take a break. While searching for the latest practices to correct his spinal issues, David found a group of doctors in Berlin, Germany. Germany is ahead of the US when it comes to spinal disc replacement. Surgery seemed like the only option, but the out-of-pocket cost was substantial and over $60K, with no guarantees for a successful outcome. That led him to think more about holistic options before committing to such an invasive operation. David learned about the benefits of Pulse Electro-Magnetic therapy and how the body's cells deteriorate over time, allowing for disease and disfunction. Again, Europe has PEMF devices approved to treat various conditions, but one area they have seen results in is cancer patients and cellular health. Based on this research, David found two companies with great success stories using powerful PEMF equipment and invested in the technology to use on himself as a test client. Fast-forward, David now offers this therapy and several other modalities to help cells rebuild and help the body heal naturally. Stop in and ask about PEMG, Infrared Light Therapy, Wellness POD, and Bio-Well Energy assessment.