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Curtis Gingery - LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist

As an avid gym-goer and athlete, and with a love of anything physical, Curtis has always been interested in the body, how it works, how the muscles function, and why, when we move one way, we feel tension in a different part of the body. He remembered receiving my first massage, how stress-free I had felt, and how my muscles felt the next day. I honestly felt taller. His posture had improved. Since Curtis has received many different massages and has always been interested in becoming a healer himself, whether it be helping relieve pain and tension, getting an athlete ready for an event, or simply helping someone relax, massage therapy has many benefits, improves circulation of blood and lymph, increased range of motion, aiding in recovery and decreases muscle stiffness or joint inflammation. With 10-plus years of customer service behind him, he still wanted to work with the public, so after many years of deliberating, he finally took steps to become an LMT. Curtis completed the massage therapy program at EHOVE with honors and was valedictorian of his class.

Curtis is certified in Swedish Massage, deep tissue, prenatal massage, hot stone massage, cupping therapy and ashiatsu (barefoot massage). He plans on being a forever student, learning new modalities and techniques along the way to share with others. As part of the team at YOUnique Wellness Center, he is excited to help aid individuals in a better way of life holistically.